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Quotation Only
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Quotation Only

The Quotation Only version is available as a free trial and to purchase and activate after the trial for only £29.95

The Quotation Only Version is for customers that only needs Quoting capabilities. The Quotation Only version will still capture and store all your data and offers a simplified form to enter in your Quotation details as illustrated in the screen shot below

This version still offers the ability to email or print your Quotations in pdf format.


Quotation Only Alternative Form Layout   Contact us for this layout



  Click on the Download Button to Start your Free Trial. >  Suitable for any currency symbol :  Our data processing software can handle your company logo,details, tax rates and country currency symbol. Desk Quote Professional provides clear professional looking documents that you can personalise to your requirements.  Secretarial staff typing quotations and purchase orders are a thing of the past. Modern efficient companies run a bespoke networked CRM database package that allows all key members of staff to quickly carry out these tasks individually.  Introducing a bespoke data handling software involves employing a database company. Software houses will demand very high prices for such developments. Desk Quote Professional offers full data handling for a fraction of the cost.  SmallLogo.bmp Add Your Own Tax Rate:  Invoices produced with or without Tax.  Add your own unique country Tax Rate.  Track sales through to invoicing and payment.  Auto Save All Data with full back up facility  How does your company currently handle data and carry out daily processes !      Do you currently enter your initial enquiry information into a ledger.     Get your personal assistant or secretary to type the information on to your quotation.     On receipt of your customer order do you enter the same information into your Job Ledger.     Then do you enter the same information on to a job sheet or job root cart.     On Delivery do you again enter the same information on to your delivery note.     Finally enter this information on to your invoice.  Without relasing you have entered this information a minimum of six times !  Our database handling software offers a much easier and more efficient solution.      Our Database software has been designed for non-computer experts to use     Invoice with or without VAT.     Enter your countries own currency symbol and tax rates .     Track all your orders through to invoice and payment.     Ideal for start up companies ,small and medium size organisations .     Help in maintaining ISO Quality Accreditations.     Auto Save all your data at all times.     Backup your company data with one click of the mouse.  database Customer Reviews !  Reviewed by: Allan Moores (May 8, 2010)  Comment: I think you have developed a fantastic product at a very small cost to the buyer. The support you have provided has been outstanding, good luck have a great weekend and chat again soon.  Reviewed by: Mike Banks (Jul 26, 2009)  Comment: I run a medium sized firm called Banks Construction,when the secretary was of i went through hell trying to find clients,invoices,bills,etc,purchased it two months ago,it is a real help in the running of my business.10/10.  Reviewed by: John Rowe (Jun 23, 2009)  Comment: What i like about this software is how easy it is to use,purchased it last month,and i do like the way it informs me of how much i made on each job,did the job take to long,at what stage is the job at.I can keep track of everyone,and how long they took to do the job.  Reviewed by: Jason Hemings (Jun 3, 2009)  Comment: Should have had something like this years ago,purchased Desk Quote Professional last month no complaints.  Reviewed by: Alex Wotson (May 19, 2009)  Comment: Purchased it last month,great bit of software very well put together,simple to use even my wife can use it and that is saying a lot. 

Desk Quote Professional - Quotation Only Version (Un-Networked Version) Simplified Combined Front End and Back End version, recommended for customers with no Networking requirements. = £29.95


Download and Purchase Quotation Only Version Single User License   to manage and monitor sale process, include issue quotation, offer price and receive sale order Include feature