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Customers Form
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Customers Form

The customers form holds all your customer information.

The Customers form has many linked forms, you can check your customer sales data, check on Awaiting Payments, send a statement, edit and send an overdue letter, print address labels and many more useful functions.

To create a new customer click on the New Button .... >   New-Button.jpg 

To edit currently entered customers click on the edit button .... >   Edit-Button.jpg

Use the lower Scroll Button to navigate through each Customer .....>     ScrollButton.jpg

Click Here to got to the Customers Form Video Tutorial

The image below has been reduced in size. Click on it to see the full version.


Customer Contacts Form.

To open the customer contacts form click on this icon ...>  Desk_Quote_Screen_Shot003.jpg

 The customer contact form is linked to each individual customer.
You can enter in all the relevant contact names and details for that customer.

When creating your quotations the contact names that appear in the contact box on the Quotation Form all comes from this form see fig 1 below.


                                                                                   (Fig 1)



Customer Statement Button Strip


The cutomer statement main button  customer-statementbutton.jpg  opens a list form showing all the outstanding payments for the customer record currently displayed in the customer form.  You can also preview the statement, print the statement or output output-statement.jpg the statement to your computer ready to attach to an email with an overdue letter.


If you have no records for this customer with the job status Awaiting Payment, desk quote will pop up a message box as illustrated below.



Customer Sales Button Strip


The cutomer sales main button  customer_sales_button.jpg  opens a list form showing all the current customer sales for the customer record currently displayed in the customer form.  You can also preview the sales list, print the sales list or output output-statement.jpg the sales list to your computer.


If you have no sales records for this customer desk quote will pop up a message box as illustrated below.


Customer Address Label Button Strip


The first preview and print buttons prints an A4 style address label the second set of preview and print buttons prints an envelope style address label with all your current customers. to filter out specific customer address labels use the buttons in the filtered address label strip as illustrated below.


The first set of buttons allows you to filter customers by Town


The second set of buttons allows you to filter customers by County


Overdue Letter Button Strip


Clicking on the pencil will open the overdue letter designer form as illustrated below.


The overdue letter designer allows you to create an overdue letter that you can print,email or output to your computer and attach to your customer statement as mentioned above.

Customer Phone List

The customer phone list phone_list_button.jpg  open up the customer phone list form this gives you the ability to look at all your customers telephone, fax numbers, main email address and website details, clicking on the email address automatically opens up MS Outlook and populates the email address into outlook ready to send the email.

Clicking on the website url opens up your default Internet Search software ie: Internet Explorer, Firefox ect on the web addreess.


Customer Address Print Out Sheet

You can print a full list of your customers and their details if required.


Customer Finder

The customer finder  customer-finder-button.jpg  makes it easy to find and filter individual customers.



You can filter your customers by selecting your field in the drop down box at the bottom of the form

you can select to filter customers by name,address,city,country,phone or post code as illustrated below.